The Disability Discrimination Act states that service provides must remove all physical barriers to enable people with disabilities to access their service. People with impairment or disabilities are more prone to slip and trip accidents, which is why companies and businesses must ensure that their flooring is DDA compliant to comply with the legislation.

Bespoke DDA Compliant Floors

DDA-compliant-stair-treadsAll DDA compliant flooring manufactured by GRIPFAST complies with all aspects of the Disability Discrimination Act and Part M of Building Regulations – ensuring your business is fully compliant and safeguarded against law suits and injury claims. The Act states that employers and businesses are responsible for preventing discrimination against those with disabilities, so in addition to ensuring door widths, grab rails and automatic door systems are compliant, you need to ensure your flooring complies too.

Meeting the required measurements and guidelines to be fully DDA compliant, GRIPFAST flooring from Polydeck Limited is incredibly strong; made with a near diamond hard aggregate with integrated GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester), all GRIPFAST anti slip flooring is guaranteed for 30 years! Available in a huge variety of colours, DDA compliant floors can be made to match the surrounding environment to provide a consistent look.

Protect Your Business With DDA Compliant Flooring

All DDA compliant floors are made to your bespoke requirements for a perfect fit, while various options such as smooth risers for easy cleaning and chamfered leading edges to eliminate the risk of trips are also available. Meeting the UK Slip Group classification of ‘Low Slip Potential,’ GRIPFAST DDA complaint floors are the perfect choice for businesses looking to minimise the risk of accidents as much as possible.

Here at Polydeck we offer a wide variety of GRIPFAST non slip flooring including anti slip treads, anti slip decking and DDA compliant nosing and treads. If you would like to know more about complying with the Disability Discrimination Act with regards to anti slip flooring, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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