• The Weardale Railway Trust


  • Provision of 18mm load-bearing panels onto a new steel framework for a new station platform at Witton-le-Wear, County Durham.


Following the removal of the original station and platform in the 1960s, the Weardale Railway Community Interest Company (CIC) installed a steel platform at Witton-le-Wear station in Country Durham.Volunteers who run the registered charity, the Weardale Railway Trust, wanted to bring the station back into use. Permission was granted by the CIC so the Trust contacted anti-slip flooring company Polydeck Limited to see if it could provide a suitable platform decking to fit on top of the steel structure.  The former timber panels had failed quickly so the new platforms needed to be more robust and comply with all current railway safety legislation at a cost that the charity could afford.

The Polydeck solution, which was provided at cost, comprised its 18mm glass reinforced polyester (GRP) loadbearing platform panels which could be fitted directly to the steel support structure.  The panels have a design life of 30 years and have been used on a number of main line stations including Peterborough, Bletchley, Chesterfield, High Wycombe, Theale Energlyn in Wales and the Waterloo platform extension in London.

The panels incorporate ‘off street’ blister tactiles to alert the visually impaired to the vicinity of the track edge, and also a light grey front ‘coper’ panel, with integral white line to contrast with the darker black panels which were laid behind the tactiles.

The Weardale Railway CIC is devoted to the restoration of an historic part of the North Pennine railway line and owns the majority of the trackbed and stations, while the Trust provides a number of volunteer operational staff.  The track runs alongside the Weardale Way and stops at Stanhope, Frosterley, Wolsingham and Witton-le-Wear.

Check out overlay station platform panels in greater detail.