Polydeck’s range of decking provides clients with a safe, secure, long-lasting and appealing solution to rotting or slippery panels.

In our most recent project, we assisted Sanctuary Group flats in Wadham Road, as they decided they needed to solve their slippery plank problem.

Wadham road’s slippery walkway

The existing balcony walkway at Sanctuary Group’s flats, was formed using timber decking planks, which run across the walkway and down the staircase.

The timber had become slippery, after being exposed to rain over their lifespan.

As this posed a dangerous path for tenants in Wadham Road, the decking needed treating to ensure it was safe to use, as well as improving the overall aesthetic of the external communal area.

Sanctuary Group recruited Polydeck to solve this problem, so we applied our GRP panels to overlay the decking and cover the steps.

With anti- slip features, the decking provided the perfect solution to the previously slippery walkway.

Implementing tailor-made GRP decking planks

Polydeck tailor every project to their client’s requirements, making sure the GRP decking is suited to the environment.

When taking on the Wadham Road walkway and staircase, we recommended implementing our anti-slip, glass reinforced polyester (GRP) decking panels.

The light-weight panels can be easily carried to tricky locations and are quick to install.

Supplied pre-drilled, Polydeck used 12mm thick decking, finishing with a timber deck effect to maintain the look and feel of the existing flooring. Pre-drilled panels can be valuable, especially if areas need to be re-opened to the public as soon as possible.

Finished in a light beige colour, the walkway contained an integral aggregate to help provide a safe anti-slip finish to walk on.

As for the stair treads, Polydeck manufactured a timber deck effect finish with a contrasting black gritted down stand and smooth black nosing to increase the visibility of the step edge.

With a 30-year design life guarantee, Polydeck’s GRP decking was the perfect solution for Wadham Road. If you’re looking for an anti-slip solution, take a closer look at Polydecks’s GRP decking planks