Polydeck work with public councils and private land owners to ensure pedestrian bridges are fit for use, whether it be a small river crossing bridge or load baring bridges over motorways. Our team can help you build, repair or replace bridges across the UK. The work we do causes minimal disruption to the public, so they can use the bridge as soon as the job is done!

Polydeck’s Innovative Anti-Slip Bridge Flooring

Decking for Rural Bridges

New Polybridge
For bridges that need to blend into a woodland or rustic environment, Polydeck have a range of panelling and decking options, including boardwalk panels. Made from non-rotting GRP materials and an anti-slip aggregate, this sophisticated material is made to look like real timber with a wood-grain effect embossed into the surface pattern. Also ideal for a rural backdrop, Polydeck’s Polybridge arrives in kit form, and is available to be delivered in different building stages depending on the location. The Polybridge is excellent for a low-cost, small bridges in parks, wooded areas and private land.

Footbridges in Urban Areas

GRIPFAST NT Slurry from Polydeck
Polydeck’s load bearing panels and anti-slip slurry range are great for built-up urban areas where a smoother surface is required. Not only is the slurry flooring anti-slip, it is also waterproof, making it an ideal solution for bridges exposed to the changing elements. It is also great for larger bridges expected to experience heavier foot traffic, as the material itself is lightweight but durable. You can see how our anti-slip slurry systems works best for heavy duty footbridges here.

Our load bearing panelling is a cost-effective and lightweight alternative to concrete, timber or steel. Built to last, these panels are safety assured for thirty years, making them a smart investment. Browse Polydeck’s range of load-bearing panelling.


Pedestrian Bridges in Public Buildings

traffic management
For public buildings such as schools and hospitals, or for industrial sites, anti-slip floorings are a simple solution to connecting bridges. No matter what your surface, Polydeck offer a bespoke service allowing you to customise your flooring to fit its surroundings, including measurements, patterns and even colours whilst remaining complaint with safety regulations. Our range of accessories including DDA approved nosing, anti-slip tape and pedestrian management flooring can also improve the functionality and safety of your bridge. See the full range of Polydeck’s pedestrian footbridge accessories.


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