Decking has become hugely popular in these last few years. An attractive alternative to paving, decking is widely used to improve the aesthetics of public areas and while this is beneficial for the look of an area, the risk posed to people hurrying across it can be quite substantial. The smooth nature of decking means that it can be quite slippery; this is increased hugely by wet weather, which isn’t an uncommon occurrence in England!

Slippery Decking Causes Injuries!

anti slip deckingHundreds of thousands of people injure themselves every year by slipping or falling, but by implementing precautionary measures such as installing an anti slip surface to timber decking, this number could be dramatically reduced which, in turn, would have a beneficial effect on the number of sick days taken off each year due to injury!

Here at Polydeck Limited we supply premium quality Gripfast anti slip decking panels and anti slip strips which can be placed over the top of existing decking to provide a slip-resistant surface which is safe to walk on. Classified as ‘low slip potential’ by the UK Slip Resistance Group, our anti slip panels and strips have been proven to minimise the risk of accidents from slipping.

Strong and Durable Anti Slip Decking

With a ‘near diamond hard’ aggregate, our anti-slip decking panels and strips are guaranteed for 30 years and are a valuable investment for any company or business that has decking on their premises. Because the panels are made from GRP, the panels won’t colour fade and won’t require any re-painting or regular maintenance.

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