Anti slip floor coating is a popular choice amongst many industries. Low cost and generally effective – what could be better?

Generally used for bridges and paths, anti-slip coating is a common solution to the problem of a slippery floor. The problem with anti slip floor coating is that it’s incredibly time consuming. It can take between 3 and 4 days to apply, as the coating must cure. During this time, the walkway/bridge must remain closed. Or, if a path is left to cure while remaining open, it’s practically guaranteed that some form of debris/footprints/debris will appear in the coating, resulting in a messy finish and the whole job needing to be redone.

Of course, because the application of anti-slip floor coating is so time consuming, it’s also weather dependent. Any wet weather or temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius are unsuitable for applying anti-slip floor coating, unless sufficiently covered or heated, which would be expensive.

Anti Slip Floor Coating is a Popular Choice

There is also the prospect of preparing the substrate (the surface that is being coated). If the substrate is not adequately prepared, the life of the anti-slip floor coating can be substantially reduced, not to mention the safety seriously compromised. Anti-slip floor coating generally doesn’t have that long a lifespan; after a few years, it normally needs recoating.

A fantastic, high quality alternative to anti-slip floor coating is anti-slip floor panels. Manufactured to suit your exact requirements and to fit any room, anti-slip flooring is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, as opposed to anti-slip floor coating which is often only available in dark grey.

Anti-Slip Floor Panels – A Fantastic Alternative to Anti-Slip Floor Coating

Panels are easy to fit and can be installed in practically any weather. Once fixed into place, they can be immediately used and are guaranteed for up to 30 years. In addition, the substrate requires minimum preparation and almost any material is suitable.

So rather than considering anti-slip floor coating, which requires lots of time, preparation and maintenance, opt for anti-slip flooring from Gripfast. Bespoke, stylish and guaranteed to last up to 30 years, there’s no need to debate over which is the superior product! Gripfast also have other solutions including Anti Slip Decking and Anti Slip Strips.

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