At Polydeck, we offer the best anti-slip stair solutions. What makes our anti-slip stair solutions better than our competitors is that we offer a range of anti-slip stair solutions that are available with black treads with a white or yellow nosing, rather than simply in black, yellow or grey.

Why consider Anti-Slip Stair Solutions?

Stairs and steps can present a hazard for everybody, particularly when we consider vulnerable people like the elderly, children and those with disabilities. In fact, according to 2002 statistics from RoSPA, (The Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents,) the national estimate of people of all ages falling from stairs or steps and being admitted to hospital is 306,168.


Although we must take this figure as a simple estimate, we can see that stairs and steps are potentially a dangerous object and can cause injury through accidents like trips, slips and falls. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) outlines that, in the UK, 500 low falls from stairs were reported by RIDDOR in 2001/2002. In addition, the HSE says that, although no amount of safety precautions can completely prevent stair accidents, anti-slip stair treads are a popular intervention method to help lessen the possibility of slips and falls. Take a closer look at non slip treads for stairs.

Anti-Slip Stair Treads from Polydeck

heavy duty non slip stair treads
Anti-slip stair treads are a type of anti-slip stair solution that are ideal for industries such as food processing factories, breweries and engineering firms because water, oil, chemicals and grease present a slip-hazard in these areas. At Polydeck, we offer GRIPFAST DDA compliant anti-slip treads, as well as GRIPFAST 12mm extra heavy duty treads.

Gripfast DDA Compliant Anti-Slip Stair Treads from Polydeck

Our GRIPFAST DDA compliant anti-slip stair treads have been designed to comply with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act and Part M of Building Regulations, which can ultimately help safeguard your business or premises against expensive accident and injury claims. What’s more, our GRIPFAST DDA compliant anti-slip stair treads are suitable for external and internal use, because they have been made to suit a variety of surfaces which include concrete, steel, timber and open grating. Our GRIPFAST DDA compliant anti-slip stair treads are resistant to oils, grease and most other chemicals. Find out more about DDA compliant stair treads.

Gripfast 12mm GRP Extra Heavy Duty Tread from Polydeck

The GRIPFAST 12mm GRP Extra Heavy Duty Tread from Polydeck is manufactured by combining a 12mm thick glass reinforced polyester panel with a GRP covered aluminium nosing. The aluminium is bonded and mechanically fixed to create a colour constant and contrasting tread that is DDA compliant. Load bearing stair treads are available online.

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