A shared space is a zone, usually in an urban setting, where pedestrians and residential users have a higher priority over road traffic. Due to the nature of shared spaces, the area can get crowded and sometimes be overwhelming for those who are visually impaired, in a wheelchair or have a disability. Introducing tactile surfaces to a shared space can help those who rely on non-visual senses safely navigate the pavement.

Why do shared spaces need tactile surfaces?

Blister tactiles

The Disabled Persons Act of 1981 requires that highway authorities should regard the needs of a disabled person, and this extends to shared spaces. Many people who suffer from vision impairment use the feel of the footway to determine whether they are reaching the end of the pavement at a pedestrian crossing or approaching a flight of stairs etc.

So that anyone can navigate a shared space, different textures are usually used so environments can be predicted and memorised. For example, zebra and pelican crossings use blistered surfaces to indicate the edge of the pavement instead of a raised kerb which could be hazardous for wheelchair users.

Blistered and corduroy textured pavements

Polydeck offer blistered and corduroy tactile surfaces for shared spaces across the UK. Designed to last for at least thirty years, all the textured paving that we offer is compliant with tactile paving guidelines, the Disability Discrimination act and ‘Part M’ of building regulations. Our team can create a tactile surface from steel, concrete, asphalt and tarmac and can also customise it for any colour so that it keeps with its surroundings.

Corduroy tactiles

Having a shared space can benefit a town and its residents but can also be confusing for those who have a disability. Polydeck work with councils throughout England so that your space uses offer guidance and information for pedestrians with tactile non-slip surfaces.

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