Polydeck’s station platforms have been designed to provide a completely new station platform surface for refurbishment and new-build projects. Manufactured from high quality composite materials, the station platforms come with a design life of 30 years outlasting traditional timber platform by three times as long.

Anti Slip Platform Features

Features of the Polydeck System include:

  • Complete platform panel comprising black anti slip walking surface, colour constant and contrasting white platform edge line, optional high speed yellow line and tactile surfaces.
  • Unique ‘tongue and groove’ joining system for panels to ensure all joints remain flush and water tight.
  • Double layer of fused aluminium oxide aggregate and silicon carbide aggregate with a hardness rating of 9 moh to ensure extra heavy durability against wear.
  • Slip resistance values of up to 73 WET and 88 DRY * meaning that GRIPFAST Stations Platform Panels Duty Stair Treads provide a walking surface which is designated as Low Slip Potential by the UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines (issue 3, 2011).
  • Fire rating classification of CFL – s1 ** and Class 1 to BS476 Parts 6 and 7.
  • Load-bearing or overlay options are available.
  • Design life: 30 years.

*Measured using the BS 7976-2 Pendulum slip testing method.
** As measured by Exova Warrington Fire in accordance with procedures given in EN 13501-1: 2007+A1: 2009

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