GRIPFAST Equality Act (2010) compliant Anti-Slip Treads are designed to enable customers to comply with the requirements of the Equality Act and Part M of the Building Regulations, and have been installed throughout the UK by companies looking to make slippery steps safer to walk on. Whether it’s on Railway station footbridges, or the entrances to public buildings such as council offices, schools, hospitals or private businesses, GRIPFAST Equality Act (2010) compliant anti-slip treads provide the perfect answer to slip problems.

Equality Act (2010)compliant Anti-Slip Treads by GRIPFAST are made in accordance with regulations stating that a stepped access will satisfy requirement M1 or M2 if “…all nosings are made apparent by means of a permanently contrasting material 55mm wide on both the tread and the riser.” Our treads are manufactured from highly durable GRP (glass reinforced polyester) substrate for a ‘near-diamond-hard’ finish, and also incorporate the necessary colour constant and contrasting nosing required to meet compliance.

All Polydeck Equality Act (2010) compliant flooring is guaranteed for 30 years – a worthy investment for any business!

3 Thicknesses Available

Created by highly skilled engineers, GRIPFAST Equality Act (2010) compliant Anti-Slip Treads have been made to suit a variety of surfaces including concrete, steel, timber and open grating, making them suitable for internal and external use, resistant to oils, grease and most other chemicals too.

Equality Act (2010) compliant Treads come in three different thicknesses – 6mm, 9mm and 12mm.  Whilst 6mm and 9mm treads are for overlay situations only, 12mm treads can be used with box beam supports to create load-bearing solutions.

Our Equality Act (2010) compliant Anti-Slip Treads are available in a wide range of aggregate grades, including barefoot, pedestrian, industrial and offshore, and customers can choose from an extensive selection of colours and surface finishes ensuring the product meets their exact requirements.

Polydeck Heavy Duty GRIPFAST

GRIPFAST Extra Heavy Duty Stair Treads have been designed for applications where extremely high levels of foot traffic are expected and also in areas where the substrate onto which the treads are going is either in very poor condition (for example, dished concrete) or is subject to movement.

GRIPFAST Extra Heavy Duty Stair Treads provide a long-lasting, safe walking surface for worn, dangerous and slippery steps.  They fully comply with the Equality Act (2010) requirements and come with a design life of 30 years.

The range comprises two options:

  • A 12mm thick solid GRP tread with contrasting 55mm x 55mm Equality Act (2010) compliant nosing.
  • A 12mm thick tread constructed from a 6mm aluminium base onto which a 6mm GRP top surface and Equality Act (2010)compliant nosing is bonded.

Both options can be supplied made-to-measure in widths and sizes that suit your particular requirements.

Polydeck supply and fit a wide range of anti slip solutions for stairs.

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Polydeck manufacture the GRIPFAST range of anti-slip panels and anti-slip treads which are designed to make slippery surfaces safer for people to use.  Unlike our competitors who supply mostly Chinese produced products which are inferior in quality but cheaper in price, our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards using materials sourced from the best UK suppliers.

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