Gripfast nosings are designed to provide a cost effective method of highlighting the edge of a stair and providing a non-slip surface to walk on. They are a cheaper alternative to covering the entire stair tread and allow clients on a budget to comply with regulations and legislation. The regulations state that a stepped access will satisfy requirement M1 or M2 if ‘…all nosings are made apparent by means of a permanently contrasting material 55mm wide on both the tread and the riser.’ There are two types of nosing available: 1) GRP nosings (made completely from GRP and gritted on the vertical and horizontal edges) 2) Equality Act (2010) compliant nosings. (Made from an aluminium extrusion with a gritted GRP infill on the horizontal walking surface and an ungritted GRP infill in the vertical downstand for an easy to clean finish). Discuss your non slip nosing requirements by speaking to an expert on 01934 863678.

Anti Slip Stair Nosing Features:


• Nosings can be supplied in any colour with a range of aggregate grades.

• Suitable for use on timber, concrete and flat steel substrates.

• Suitable for both internal and external use, they are resistant to oil, grease and most chemicals. Designed to be bonded and mechanically fixed to a structurally sound and level substrate.

• Will provide a guaranteed slip resistant surface for up to 30 years.

• Our panels systems are made from non-rotting GRP that has a design life of 30 years.

Stair Nosing Uses

Anti slip stairs


Stair nosings


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