Overlay panels are designed to be installed on top of an existing surface, such as concrete, steel, or wood and are engineered to offer a slip-resistant surface that is safe to walk on. Bridges, ramps, gantries, decks, and other walkways are simple examples of where anti-slip panels are typically constructed. It’s important to note that overlay panels aren’t load-bearing and therefore, can’t be employed as a non-slip walking surface on their own.
Polydeck Overlay Panels are available in thicknesses of 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, and 9mm. Different sized overlay panels are designed for variable uses, with 2mm panels being confined to internal application use. The most common size for internal and external applications is 4mm overlay panels, with the thicker panels resistant to direct sunlight warping them. Polydeck’s 6mm and 9mm overlay panels are to be used in conjunction with the same size treads on landings.

A Wide Selection of Non Slip Overlay Panels

Polydeck offers a wide range of overlay panels with a variety of qualities to fulfil our clients’ individual needs, whilst also providing a hassle-free non-slip flooring installation.

Polydeck stock overlay panels with a range of aggregate grades, from our light barefoot panels regularly used for internal applications, to more rigorous offshore panels used for heavy engineering applications and specified by the offshore oil industry. Additionally, industrial panels, which are required in locations with a lot of tree cover and moisture, are popular for both internal and external uses, as well as pedestrian panels.

Overlay panels can be supplied in any colour and also in a range of different surface pattern finishes including gritted, diamond pattern and timber deck effect, so you can choose the right panels to match your specific environment.

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