Load-bearing panels are designed to provide a structural walking surface capable of meeting design loads of 5KN per square metre, with a less than 1/200 deflection. The non-slip panels are an alternative to a concrete, steel or timber structure and provide walking surface that promotes the safety of those who use it.

The self supporting panels are ideal for winter when ice, rain and snow make outdoor areas dangerous with falls and slips more likely to occur. Providing a strong and secure anti-slip solution, they increase safety through non-slip features while providing a structural surface for outdoor areas.

Load Bearing Panels for Bridges, Walkways & More

GRIPFAST load-bearing panels are typically specified for use on applications such as bridges, ramps, gantries, decking and other walkways, and are available in a variety of different thicknesses – 1) 12mm panels span 400mm centres 2) 25mm panels span 610mm centres 3) 30mm panels span 750mm centres 4) 45mm panels span 1220mm centres. If greater spans are required or higher loads need to be achieved, Polydeck can manufacture bespoke thicknesses on request.

Designed especially for the outdoors, our load-bearing Panels are made from a unique structural composite core which blends together superior strength and rigidity with lightness of weight, ideal for installation purposes.

The fact that all load-bearing panels are manufactured with glass reinforced polyester provide assured safety for 30 years, making them an ideal investment for companies and organisations looking for a reliable and durable non-slip solution.

GRIPFAST’S 30 Year Guarantee

Load-bearing panels are an excellent alternative to timber or metal and won’t rot or corrode like their traditional counterparts. They also provide better results in the long run, with a guaranteed life-span of up to 30 years. Furthermore, we give customers scope for customisation with the non-slip panels available in a range of thicknesses, sizes, decorative patterns and colours to meet your needs entirely. We also provide load-bearing panels in a variety of aggregate grades including barefoot, pedestrian, industrial and offshore depending on the nature of the application.

Cheaper Alternatives Fail to Provide Safe Surfacing

While they may not be a non-slip surface you’d notice on a regular basis, you’d certainly know the difference between a surface that guarantees safety and one that doesn’t. So don’t risk cheaper alternatives that can’t protect the safety of your employees and visitors – choose the GRIPFAST guarantee at Polydeck.

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