Polydeck bridge decking planks have been designed to replace traditional timber planks which can be slippery when wet and are subject to rotting and failure at fixing holes. They are made from a non-rotting GRP which is guaranteed to last at least 30 years. The bridge decking planks come in a range of different thicknesses, colours and patterns including plain gritted, diamond pattern, castellated finish and timber deck effect.  Each plank has an integral anti-slip surface which means that it can provide a safe walking surface for many years. The 25mm thick planks are structural and achieve a loading of 5kN per Square metre with a less than 1/200 deflection at span centres of 610mm, whilst the 45mm thick planks achieve the  same loading standards at 1200mm span centres.

Composite Bridge Decking Made To Last

Polydeck can help you to make a footbridge safer by installing our fantastic bridge decking planks. The GRIPFAST range of bridge decking planks are made from non-rotting GRP, that provides non-slip features that are guaranteed to last for at least three decades. They are designed to replaced traditional timber planks which are more likely to experience rotting and become slippery when wet which is a safety concern. Making your domestic or commercial space safe is important and Polydeck’s bridge decking can help to reduce slips, trips and other unnecessary accidents. If you are interested in arranging non slip bridge decking planks, contact Polydeck online.

Bridge plank decking available in four standard sizes as follows:

  • 1500mm x 197mm
  • 2000mm x 197mm
  • 2440mm x 197mm
  • 2850mm x 197mm

Four standard colours available: 

  • Black
  • Light Grey
  • Light Brown
  • Dark Brown

Choose from four standard finishes

  • Plain Gritted
  • Castellated
  • Diamond Pattern
  • Timber Deck Effed

The planks are designed to be fixed to either timber of steel supports with countersunk screws. For more information on the non-slip decking planks for bridges, please get in touch with the Polydeck team now!

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