Polydeck are specialists in providing anti-slip solutions to rotting footbridges, installing safe and durable replacements when and where it’s needed.

In our most recent work, we supplied Cheshire East Council with a GRP solution for their Joey the Swan footbridge in Wistaston, Crewe.

Providing a long-lasting glass reinforced polyester (GRP) alternative, we were able to tailor make a new footbridge for pedestrians to use.

Fixing a slippery deck

The timber used to originally form the Joey the Swan footbridge had become worn out, leaving it to rot and become slippery.

As a footbridge used by pedestrians, the timber planks, posts and rails needed replacing with a much more durable and safer material.

Custom GRP decking upgrades

To tackle the slippery bridge, Polydeck implemented their GRP bridge kits.

These are the simplest solution to outdated timber bridges as they won’t rot, are anti- slip and are custom made for easy, quick installation.

Depending on what’s needed, the GRP bridge kits can be supplied as a whole bridge system or in separate parts. For the Joey the swan footbridge, the steel bearers were already in place so only the timber planks, posts and rails needed upgrading.

Polydeck’s decking planks, posts and rails are light-weight and easy to carry by hand, ideal for tricky locations, such as rural areas. All posts, rails and planks are pre-drilled, making the installation process easy, as they only need to be bolted together on-site.

Once the GRP bridge is in place, almost no maintenance is needed as the decking planks are made with an integral and durable diamond hard anti-slip surface that will last for 30 years.

This was a perfect solution for the Joey the Swan footbridge, as the bridge is located in a rural area and is regularly used by passing pedestrians.

The bridge kits also have the added benefit of being manufactured to look like timber, so that they blend in well with the environment.

Jon MacPhie, Bridge Engineer at Cheshire East Council, commented; “No more moss covered, slippery timber. The bridge looks great and promises a 30 year design life. I’m glad we’ve invested in a material that promises a safe walking surface and requires little maintenance”.

If you have a bridge that requires an anti-slip flooring solution, check out Polydeck’s product range to find a resolution which suits your environment.