Slippery surfaces can be a huge problem in a number of industries and environments, from decking areas and restaurants to factories and garages. One of the simplest and most convenient solutions to this problem is to fit anti slip strips over the problem area. Manufactured from extra tough GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) and guaranteed for 30 years – like the entire range of Gripfast products – anti slip strips contain a near diamond-hard aggregate to guarantee durability.

Perfect for Almost Any Application

anti slip stripsAnti slip strips can easily be fitted over existing flooring so there’s no need to worry about the expense of replacing your floor. Easy to install pretty much anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors, anti slip strips are an ideal solution to a slippery floor if you’re worried about your staff or visitors slipping and falling.

There are a huge number of companies out there that offer anti slip strips, but here at Polydeck – the UK’s leading manufacturer of anti slip solutions – we offer Gripfast products which are renowned for their high quality and durability. With the number of customers and recommendations constantly on the increase, we’ve found ourselves busier than ever thanks to our high quality products and high quality service that comes with every job we undertake.

Anti slip strips are an ideal solution for timber panels and footbridges – providing a value-for-money anti slip surface which still allows the natural beauty of the timber to remain visible.

Choose Gripfast Anti Slip Strips for Strength ad Durability

So if you’re in need of anti slip strips to make an area of flooring safe to walk on in all weathers and environments, choose Gripfast anti slip strips for complete peace of mind. You can rest in the knowledge that your non slip flooring will last for years without adversely affecting the look of your floor.