In recent years there has been plenty of focus on how Britain is becoming a ‘compensation nation,’ with the number of claims and lawsuits against businesses increasing year on year. This is a worrying trend that can pose a potentially serious risk for companies, especially for those that are open to the general public or a large amount of visitors.

Slips and Trips are Popular Compensation Claims

anti slip stripsPeople seem to have no qualms when it comes to making a claim and filing an expensive lawsuit – which would all be at your cost if you lost the claim. And with the number of personal injury lawyers and companies ever expanding and claims becoming more and more ridiculous (but they often win!) it’s essential that you do everything you can to protect your business against any potential injury claims.

One of the most popular accidents that people are encouraged to claim for are slips, trips and falls. One of the most common reasons for people slipping and hurting themselves is down to a slippery floor, whether it’s the material of the floor itself or whether there has been a spillage that has made the surface hazardous to walk on. There are plenty of instances where this could happen; water from peoples’ shoes in bad weather easily spreads to make floors slippery and environments such as food factories and garages handle a large amount of liquid such as oil and grease, which can easily be spilled and cause a slipping hazard.

As you can see, it’s not hard for people to slip and injure themselves which could result in a very costly process for your business – something to avoid at all costs! Luckily, there’s a simple solution to avoid all of this hassle: anti slip strips from Polydeck.

Prevent Injuries with Anti Slip Strips

Here at Polydeck we use high quality GRIPFAST products which offer a guaranteed anti slip flooring for 30 years, regardless of the amount of foot traffic. Manufactured with a near diamond hard aggregate, GRIPFAST anti slip strips are fantastic for those on a budget and offer friction where it’s needed the most to help prevent accidents.

Anti slip strips are available in various colours and finishes so they can be made to suit your floors perfectly without compromising aesthetic value. Manufactured to your bespoke requirements, our anti slip strips offer a simple solution to a slippery floor and can be used on pretty much any flooring both internally and externally.

Don’t put your business at the risk of compensation claims and lawsuits from injuries – invest in anti slip strips from Polydeck today! For more information please take a look around our website or contact us.

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