If you slip along a patch of floor or trip over seemingly nothing, more often than not it’s just an act of clumsiness that won’t bring you any harm. However, the Health and Safety Executive estimates that at least 50% of trips and slips are preventable, either through clearer hazard warning signs, better quality flooring and most importantly, anti slip flooring.

Slip Injuries Can Leave Your Business Open to a Lawsuit

anti slip floorsAnti slip flooring not only helps to prevent these injuries – which could lead to an employee becoming injured and having to take time off work – but it keeps your business covered against claims and lawsuits too. ‘Had an accident at work that wasn’t your fault?’ is a common question on our TV screens and it only takes one person to slip as a result of a slippery floor and your business is wide open to a lawsuit which it would most likely lose.

So, anti slip floors as a preventative measure are most definitely a good idea. With a huge variety of colours and finishes available, anti slip flooring can complement the aesthetics of your premises and no-one will even notice that they’re anti slip floors – until they don’t slip! From full anti slip floors to anti slip treads and strips, the GRIPFAST range of anti slip floors is impressive and what’s more – it’s all guaranteed for thirty years!

Keep Yourself Covered with a Wide Variety of Anti Slip Floors

Manufactured with GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) and a near diamond hard aggregate, GRIPFAST is the strongest and most reputable anti slip flooring available, and here at Polydeck we provide it all. Take a look at our selection of anti slip flooring and see how you can protect your business against the slips and trips epidemic! If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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