Wet and icy conditions make getting about outside in winter difficult and the last thing you want is for your flooring to be just as slippery inside as it is outside! Not only can it literally be a pain in the backside, but companies are at risk of lawsuits from anyone that is injured on their premises as a result of a slip injury.

Anti slip flooring is commonly found at the entry and exit points of most buildings, often in the form of carpet. The only problem is when the mat is wet through from heavy foot traffic or snow, water is then carried on shoes across the normal floor. So the slip risk is just being spread across a bigger surface area!

anti slip flooringSolutions for Slippery Floors

At Polydeck we offer a variety of solutions to help keep your premises slip free this winter and all year round. Our anti slip flooring is incredibly slip resistant even in wet and icy conditions, providing extra grip to help footwear stay where it’s placed. Our anti slip flooring is made with a near-diamond hard aggregate that is highly durable – meaning that Polydeck can offer a guaranteed design life of 30 years for every product!

As a mould maker we can create an anti slip flooring solution that is tailored to suit your internal colour scheme or brand colours, though we can offer a variety of patterns and an almost infinite selection of colours to choose from.

Tailor Made Anti Slip Flooring

We know that aesthetics are important for your business which is why we provide tailored anti slip flooring solutions and have been the company of choice for Manchester United, Network Rail, local councils and many more business from different industries.

If you would like to find out more about our anti slip flooring or want to know which non slip floor would be best for your business, please call us on 01934 863678 or fill in our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Contact Polydeck today for the right solution for your next project! Polydeck’s very own GRIPFAST range of anti-slip products are manufactured to the highest possible standards, using quality materials from our trusted UK suppliers.

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