As ever, the Polydeck team have been out and about helping clients in providing them with highly effective anti-slip solutions.

In our latest case study, we look back at how our experts were able to help Nationwide Rail in making the slippery surfaces at Lostock station safer for all rail-users.

Why were the Polydeck team contacted?

Nationwide Rail were working on the re-gauge works at Bolton’s Lostock railway station, when they realised that they needed platform panels from an industry leader. That is when they decided to contact the anti-slip flooring specialists at Polydeck.

The glass reinforced polyester (GRP) panels that were previously in place, as they were manufactured by another supplier, had began to fail in numerous places and therefore need to be replaced.

The Nationwide Rail team needed this project to be completed within extremely tight deadlines, and the experts at Polydeck were able to assist.

Why should you choose Polydeck for your resurfacing project?

The existing GRP platforms, which had only been in use for 8 years, were broken in high traffic areas and had become slippery when wet.

Polydeck guarantee quality anti-slip surfaces for 30 years and in this instance were able to produce 750m² in just 6 weeks. Other anti-slip flooring manufacturers were unable to produce and deliver to the Lostock site in such a small time-frame.

Polydeck manufacture in Bristol and our unique manufacturing process means that the aggregate layer does not have an over-rolled (painted) anti-slip surface. As our solutions are produced by ’injection- closed mould’ technology, the platform panel’s anti-slip aggregate layer is thicker than any other product on the market, therefore providing unrivalled long-life expectancy.

The advantages of using Polydeck’s non-slip GRP station platform panels are as follows:

  • Resistant to rotting
  • Anti-slip guarantee
  • Custom made to your requirements
  • 30 years life expectancy
  • Load bearing or overlay options available
  • Unique ‘tongue and groove’ design

Find out more about the station platform panel range.

When commenting on the finished result, Managing Director of Nationwide Rail Alex McDermott had this to say:

“Polydeck were able to react well to last-minute design changes and assisted us with output during weekend disruptive possessions. I would like to thank Polydeck for their support throughout this project”.

To find the perfect solution for your upcoming project, take a look at Polydeck’s wide anti-slip range now.