South Gloucestershire Council wanted to replace the entire bridge with something that would not rot like the timber, but still retained the rural feel of the bridge. The council also needed the walkway surface to be slip resistant to ensure the safety of walkers and ramblers.

Polydeck’s Solution: Polybridge

Polydeck recommended the use of our newest products, Polybridge. Polybridge is a complete composite bridge comprising of support framework, decking, handrails and posts that are made from glass reinforced polyester (GRP) which does not rot. The bridge comes in a kit form up to 5 metres in length and typically with a width of 1 metre. The entire bridge structure achieves a load-bearing capacity of 5kN per SqM (Uniform Distributed Load) with a less than 1/200 deflection.

Each decking plank is constructed from a non-rotting GRP material and contains an integral anti slip aggregate which makes the surface non slip and safe to walk on. The entire bridge, including walking panels, posts and rails are also made to look exactly like timber, with a wood grain effect moulded into the surface pattern. The Polybridge is initially constructed by Polydeck at our factory in Bristol, to ensure all parts are correct, it is then disassembled, taken to site and re-fitted. The fitting of the bridge was completed in one day and the bridge opened to the public immediately.