The GRIPFAST boardwalk is our latest innovative anti slip flooring solution for outdoor areas where aesthetics are important. Like our non slip decking, the GRIPFAST boardwalk is made from Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) yet has the appearance of natural wood to provide a safe and attractive anti slip surface for up to 30 years.

Anti Slip Decking for 30 Years!

GRIPFAST boardwalk non slip deckingThe GRIPFAST anti slip boardwalk is an investment in a slippery decking solution. These lightweight planks are ideal for all areas where traditional timber decking may be used including bridges, commercial environments and even gardens. A rating of ‘Low Slip Potential’ by the UK Slip Resistance Group makes the GRIPFAST boardwalk a safe alternative to traditional timber decking, which gets incredibly slippery in wet conditions.

The anti slip planks are available in 3 standard colours – aged Oak, pale Birch and Walnut – to cater for a variety of requirements and complement your outdoor area. The standard boardwalk plank size of 2440mm x 200mm x 25mm can easily be cut down to suit your individual requirements and is simple to install onto a timber sub-frame with countersunk screws.

The Ultimate Slippery Decking Solution

The GRIPFAST boardwalk is a revolutionary new product that completely removes the issue of slippery outdoor decking. Wooden planks are prone to mildew growth which hugely increases the slipperiness of the timber in wet conditions, while over time the wood can rot and warp, leading to an unstable surface.

Why invest in timber decking when you can choose non slip, non rot GRP planks with a timber effect? For more information about the GRIPFAST boardwalk or to get a no obligation quote please call us on 01934 863678 or fill in the form on our contact us page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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