In our most recent case history, you will learn how the expert Polydeck team were able to help improve the levels of health and safety at Shotton Station, North Wales, after one of the stations’ outdated footbridges needed to be upgraded.

A rotting walkway was causing concerns for commuters

The walking surface of the footbridge at Shotton Railway station in Flintshire needed upgrading. The existing substrate and decking had rotted and was extremely worn, making it unsafe and very slippery.

Consultants, Opus International Consultants Ltd (WSP), needed to find a replacement that was an all in one solution – a product that was more durable, anti-slip, structural and that complied with current regulations.

Polydeck were contacted and we recommended the use of our structural decking planks.

Polydeck gritted planks resulted in a major upgrade

Polydeck specified the use of our 45mm thick GRP gritted planks.

The gritted planks are manufactured using non-rotting glass reinforced polyester (GRP) and have an integral near-diamond-hard aggregate that provides a safe walking surface.

The 45mm GRP planks are load- bearing up to 5kN per square metre with less than 1/200 deflection, making them durable and structurally sound.

The planks are also lightweight and easy to install. They are made to measure, reducing the need for on-site cutting and can be mechanically fixed to virtually any level substrate.

The aggregate surface that is embedded into the GRP mould means no surface separation. It won’t peel or crack, giving you peace of mind that Polydecks panels really are hard- wearing and long- lasting.

The anti- slip aggregate provides a safe walking surface in any weather and can withstand a variety of liquids, such as oil and grease, and still provide an anti- slip surface.

Best of all, Polydeck’s products are guaranteed for 30 years!

Lee Murphey, Structure Divisional Director for WSP commented:

“Polydeck’s planks are easy to work with and require very little maintenance. It’s good to know that the footbridge is now safe to use”.