The dedicated team here at Polydeck have been busy again helping clients improve the levels of safety at busy public locations. In our latest case study, we reveal how we were able to support Avanti West Coast in Transforming Rugby Station, as well as providing details on how our team can support you with your non-slip requirements too!

A overhaul process needed to be completed

Working on behalf of Avanti West Coast, Polydeck manufactured new anti- slip flooring for a large section of Rugby Station.

The front entrance, car park entrance, lift entrance, main corridor, access ramp and platform 3 were all in need of new anti- slip flooring and Equality Act (2010) compliant colour contrasting
sightlines. The existing flooring, the anti- slip being non- existent in places, needed upgrading to ensure public safety.

Not only were the entrance tiles slippery when wet, but no colour contrasting sightlines diminished safety for the partially sighted.

Polydeck recommended the use of their glass reinforced polyester (GRP) heavy duty, diamond pattern panels in black, and sightlines in yellow.

The Polydeck transformation was a huge success

Polydeck’s heavy duty diamond pattern panels are constructed from silicon carbide grit, a near diamond hard aggregate, making the panels strong and durable. So durable that Polydeck promise a design life of 30 years!

Manufactured in the UK to British Standards, the panels outperform similar overseas products. The panels meet the UK Slip Resistance Group classification of ‘Low Slip Potential’ minimising the risk of slip accidents.

All Polydeck’s flooring is tailor made, meaning that all orders are made specifically for optimal fit. The panels are quick and easy to install and can be bonded and mechanically fixed to virtually any structurally sound and level substrate providing a guaranteed slip resistant surface.

These product features were particularly beneficial for Rugby Station due to its lack of anti- slip flooring. In some parts of the station, floor mats were being used
to absorb trailing water from wet passengers as the floor deemed unsafe due to failed anti- slip paint. Avanti West Coast were happy with the specified product so used the quality 12mm thick panels throughout the most needed areas of the station. A total of 165 panels were used and they’ve transformed the look of the station.

Mary Savory, Estates Manager for Avanti West Coast commented:

“We are delighted with the transformation that Polydeck’s flooring has given the station. Not only does it look better but it performs as promised”.