Having collaborated on previous projects, Doncaster Council contacted Polydeck, the footbridge specialist, for help in replacing two very old and dilapidated rural footbridges.

Both footbridges, located in Doncaster’s Tickhill were becoming unsafe to use due to rotting and a slippery surface. Slutwell stream footbridge in particular, which is often covered in water from the rising stream, was in urgent need of replacement. That made a glass reinforced polyester (GRP) bridge the perfect replacement.

GRP Composite Bridge Kits were the answer

Polydeck manufactures GRP bridge kits at its Bristol based factory and supplies them fully assembled or in component form depending on location accessibility. Manufactured to be light- weight, the bridges are designed so that they can be carried, by- hand, to remote countryside locations.

Not only are the bridge kits lighter and easier to assemble than timber (simply dig foundations and bolt together), they’ll last a lot longer too.

Designed to withstand the good old British weather for 30 years, Polydeck’s GRP bridges won’t rot, warp, bow or crack because of poor weather conditions.

Polydeck’s GRP bridges can be submerged under water for long periods and require very little maintenance – perhaps just a quick clean! The bridges decking planks which use a near– diamond– hard aggregate remain anti- slip for the entire life span of the bridge.

The bridges have the added bonus of looking just like timber so that they blend in well with the rural environment. A full list of GRP bridge advantages can be seen below:

  • Rot resistant
  • Timber effect design
  • Anti-slip
  • Lightweight
  • Quick and easy to install
  • 30+ years life expectancy
  • Made with recycled materials

Martin James, Bridge Engineer at Doncaster Council commented:

“Polydeck’s bridges have served us well. They continuously perform as promised and we’ll be looking at replacing some of our other bridges with these in the future”.