At Polydeck, our team frequently assist clients in a variety of different industries by helping them install bespoke anti-slip projects to help them improve the safety of their premises.

The Polydeck team are proud to have helped organisations across the UK, and recently our expertise was needed in the West Midlands to help West Midlands Trains refurbish the Worcester Shrub Hill Station.

In this case history, we reveal how exactly the specialists at Polydeck were able to help West Midlands Trains, and supply details on how our team can help you with improving the safety of your premises with our tailored non-slip solutions.

The footbridge stairs at Worcester Shrub Hill Station had become dangerous

West Midlands Trains required a long- term, durable solution to Worcester Shrub Hill Station footbridge stairs. The existing stairways were constructed from hardwood timber and over time had worn very smooth, meaning the steps were extremely slippery and dangerous when wet.

To add to the problem the noses on the steps were painted. The painted nose was constantly wearing due to the passenger traffic and had to be painted regularly, meaning frequent and costly maintenance. The stairs were not compliant with the Equality Act (2010) and needed tactile’s for the partially sighted to bring them up- to- date.

This is when West Midlands Trains made the decision to contact Polydeck, the UK’s leading non-slip composite surfaces and structures company

Polydeck provided an effective GRP solution

Polydeck were able to help solve these problems with their extra heavy- duty glass reinforced polyester (GRP) Stair Treads. In this case the treads were specified with a metal backing to bridge the gaps on the existing worn timber.

Polydeck’s GRP stair treads were easily and quickly installed over the existing surface with no need for preparation. Polydeck’s unique diamond surface treads and through colour nosing ensures a guaranteed life expectancy for 30 years. This ensured West Midlands Trains had no on-going maintenance issues.

The GRP treads and nosing also means no rot and is manufactured with an anti- slip surface. To compliment the look of the new stairs Polydeck’s GRP black risers were installed to the front face of the steps. This not only made the nosing’s more visually contrasting but helped comply with the Equality Act requirements.

Polydeck’s GRP Corduroy tactile was installed at the top of the stairs as the substrate was uneven, allowing the stairs to fully comply with the Equality Act. West Midlands Trains were very happy with the products Polydeck were able to supply and said they’d use a similar system of products on other stations.

With such a long guaranteed life expectancy, there is no better non slip stair tread than Polydeck’s.