The team at Polydeck have once again been out and about helping clients with our leading anti-slip products, with Dorset County Council being the latest organisation to contact the trusted Polydeck team.

In our latest case study, we provide details on how we were able to assist Dorset County Council with improving the safety of one of their ditch crossings, and let you know how we can assist you too.

Polydeck provide GRP Ditch Crossing Solution

Dorset County Council needed a ditch crossing replacement after an existing one had rotted. Polydeck’s glass reinforced polyester (GRP) ditch crossings are an affordable, easy to install solution which perfectly matched the requirements of Dorset County Council.

Polydeck supplied a light timber effect design which was fitted in just a few hours.

Fitting involved removing the existing ditch crossing, digging 4 holes – 2 for the posts that support the rail and 2 for securing the base- and then adding post mix and allowed to set.

The ditch crossing was re-opened to the public within just a few short hours!

GRP ditch crossings are advantageous not only for ease of installation (light- weight and easy to fix) they require no maintenance as they don’t rot, they have an anti- slip surface which is good for covering wet ground and can be supplied in a timber effect design so are environmentally fitting.

Check out a full list of advantages of Polydeck’s GRP Ditch Crossing below:

  • No rot
  • Timber effect design
  • Anti– slip
  • Light– weight
  • Quick & easy to install
  • 30+ years life expectancy
  • Includes recycled materials