Polydeck recently provided a solution to an issue that Kesteven Council were having with a pedestrian footbridge. Although the timber walkway planks were in sound condition, the anti-slip resin infill strips inside the existing timber grooves had worn away and the walking surface was slippery.

Anti-slip Strips from Polydeck

North Kesteven Council were looking for a cost effective solution to ensure their relatively new footbridge in Sleaford was safe to walk on for the general public. Despite the footbridge being a new structure, there were concerns about the walking surface due to the wearing away of strips.

Polydeck recommended retro-fitting 4mm anti-slip strips to the surface of the existing planks using an adhesive and countersunk stainless steel screws. As the timbers were still structurally sound, there was no need to replace them. Each anti-slip strip was designed to fit on top of each plank but was trimmed to a size which allowed the existing timber surface to remain visible.

The strips were supplied in black by Polydeck to contrast with the lighter timber and were chamfered down to 1mm to avoid a trip hazard. The process took only one day to complete meaning there was a minimal impact on day-to-day use of the bridge.

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