Polydeck recently carried out a project on behalf of Coventry City Council, in which we repaired a pedestrian footbridge damaged by constant flooding. The right of Way Footbridge at Sydnall Fields near the Ricoh Arena.

The footbridge was constructed from 48mm thick x 1215mm long planks, which ran laterally across the bridge. These planks were fixed to 80mm thick longitudinal timber bearers which were themselves fixed to existing steel beams. The council had considered simply replacing the rotten timbers with new, but, after seeing samples of Polydeck’s Boardwalk Planks, they chose to use our products.

Boardwalk Planks from Polydeck

The experts from Polydeck recommended the use of its 50mm thick BoardWalk Planks. This meant that the planks were able to comfortably span the width of the bridge and easily met the councils loading requirement of 5kN per Square metre with a less than 1/200 deflection.

Each plank is made from a non-rotting GRP and have an integral anti slip finish to provide a safe non-slip walking surface. They also look exactly like timber, so they fitted seamlessly into the rural location, a requirement that the council had specified.

Polydeck also manufactured bespoke non-rotting 78mm x 54mm GRP bearers to replace the rotting bearers and ensure that future maintenance was kept to a minimum. Special fixings were also used to allowthe bearers to be fixed to the steel and the planks to be fixed to the GRP bearers.