Recently, Park Lane Primary School in Brent, London, approached Polydeck Ltd to refurbish their timber access bridge leading from the street to the school entrance. Teachers, staff and pupils have to walk across the footbridge every day, so it had to be safe and secure for use every day.

The current bridge’s anti-slip surface on the timber decking panels had worn away and was becoming a slip hazard. The panels were also looking unsightly, so the management at the school wanted to improve the overall appearance of the walkway as well as its safety.

Footbridges for Schools

Initially, the school was interested in a replacement anti-slip surface to be placed on top of the structural timber panels, but upon closer inspection of the bridge, it was revealed that the structural timber panels were rotting. Consequently, Polydeck Ltd recommended replacing the timber panels with our state-of-the-art timber planks with a non-rotting Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) solution, a system that lasts at least thirty years.

Polydeck recommended the use of its 12mm GRP panels resting on 38mm x 38mm GRP box. This system provides a structural load bearing walkway that can achieve a loading of 5kN per square metre, with a less than 1/200 deflection, the usual crowd loading criteria for pedestrian footbridges.

The existing timber that was rotting was replaced with diamond pattern GRP panels, which have a durable near-diamond hard aggregate to provide a safe, non-slip walking surface.

Due to the nature of the job, time was of the essence. Polydeck carried out the job over four days during the summer holidays to ensure that the school entrance looked brand new for the first day of term.

Head mistress, Enid Lewis commented:

“We are delighted with our new entrance area. Not only are the panels much safer to walk on, but they look good too.”

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