Outdoor stairs can be downright dangerous in wet or icy conditions – especially if there is no shelter from the elements. Every year people are injured as a result of slippery stairs, and if the correct precautions to prevent accidents haven’t been put in place by the person/company responsible it’s likely they will face a significant fine. That’s why Polydeck have a massive range of outdoor non slip stair treads available in order to reduce the risk of injury.

DDA Compliant Anti Slip Treads

after-non-slip-stair-treadsAt Polydeck we highly recommend installing anti slip stair treads that are designed for outdoor use. In addition to reducing the risk of accident and injury, outdoor non slip stair treads are a legal requirement in many premises and environments through the Disability Discrimination Act. We have designed a range of DDA compliant stair treads that help local authorities, businesses and organisations comply with the DDA while reducing the risk of accidents. Polydeck also have a range of standard stair treads

With a nosing and riser in a contrasting colour, DDA compliant stair treads are easier to see and assist those with visual impairments in climbing and descending stairs without injury. The non slip aspect is provided by the near diamond hard aggregates that we use in all the GRIPFAST anti slip products. Various grades of aggregate are available from barefoot to heavy pedestrian to offshore so however resistant you need your outdoor non slip treads to be, Polydeck have got you covered! We have a wide range of stair treads available, take a closer look at our anti slip stair treads.

Made to Measure Outdoor Non Slip Stair Treads

As we are mould makers we offer flexibility and freedom when it comes to choosing outdoor stair treads for your requirements. We can use your corporate colours to enhance brand image, and cut treads to suit your exact requirements regardless of the length and width of your stairs. You may be wondering if you need to use non slip treads on your stairs at home, why not take a look at our useful article to see if you need anti slip stair treads!

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