Early 2015 marked a £20 million re-development scheme of Northampton Station. Part of the scheme saw the station building being completely demolished and re-built. However, unfortunately for them some of the products that were used in the re-design were not built to last and quickly wore away.

In 2017, Network Rail and West Midlands Trains contacted the team at Polydeck because the Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) nosing that had come from a previous supplier had failed after only two years. They were cracking, meaning they were slippery and therefore unsafe, and the anti-slip surface was delaminating, resulting in the main station steps having to be cornered off from public use.

Heavy Duty Stair Treads for Train Stations

After consulting with Polydeck, it was decided that the nosing should be removed and replaced with Polydeck’s extra heavy-duty GRP stair treads.

GRP extra heavy-duty stair treads have been designed for use at busy stations, as they are hard wearing, durable so they won’t rot and provides a safe, anti-slip surface for an incredible thirty years. They can withstand years of rain, frost and chemical spills (such as oil).

How did Polydeck help?

For this project, the GRP treads contained an integral colour contrasting anti-slip nosing. The nosing is used to highlight the edge of the tread to make it safer for people to use.

Polydeck’s products are made to order, which means our customers can specify their exact requirements, down to size, surface, finish, patterns and even colours. In this instance, West Midlands Trains specified a black diamonds pattern tread with a contrasting white nosing (yellow at the top and bottom of the stairways) and black ungritted risers to provide an even greater visual contrast. You can see more from our stair nosing range here.

The existing corduroy tactile surfaces were removed as they had been fitted incorrectly and were replaced with Polydeck’s GRP Buff Corduroy tactile, which made a striking contrast to the stairs and grey tiles. Check out the before and after photos below!