It is essential that commercial kitchens adhere to health and safety regulations in order to keep employees safe and protected at work.
Anti-Slip Panels from Polydeck
One of the reasons for accidents occurring in commercial kitchens is slippery floors, particularly when food products are spilled on the floor. Non-slip flooring can make spaces significantly safer and, here at Polydeck, we have the perfect non-slip flooring for commercial kitchens.

Anti-slip floor panels

Anti-slip floor panels from Polydeck are a versatile non-slip flooring solution that can cope with the demands of keeping a commercial kitchen safe.

The panels can be made to different thicknesses and applied to different surfaces, making them the ideal anti-slip solution for commercial kitchens. They are made from durable Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), a hard-wearing and resistant material that is built to last. Learn more about non slip panels for floors.

Why choose anti-slip floor panels from Polydeck?

Polydeck are experts in providing anti-slip flooring solutions for a range of clients from a number of industries and are leading suppliers of GRIPFAST Boardwalk.

We provide a range of anti-slip flooring solutions, in addition to our floor panels. From anti-slip treads that are perfect for ensuring the safety of staircases and walkways to bridge decking planks that can restore rotten and unsafe bridges.

Polydeck can help your business to improve the safety of its interior and exterior spaces, protecting your staff and visitors from harm as well as your business from potential prosecution. We have a range of DDA compliant products that can ensure your work environment meets all of the necessary legal regulations.


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Polydeck are the leading experts on non slip flooring .

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