GT Rail were seeking the highest quality anti-slip products to help them refurbish the Newhaven Town Footbridge, which is why they recently got in touch with the specialist team here at Polydeck.

In our latest case study, we breakdown how we helped GT Rail in replacing their outdated treads with an effective, modern, and long-lasting anti-slip solution!

Why were the Polydeck team contacted?

As part of their franchise commitments, GT Rail needed to replace decayed and rotting timber treads on the steps of the Newhaven Town Railway footbridge.

The existing anti- slip product had worn thin and even failed in parts, allowing water to ingress, meaning the panels were expanding during wet weather. GT Rail specified Polydecks extra heavy-duty GRP diamond pattern treads as the solution and their successful contractor, Braybrook.

Why did GT Rail choose our anti slip stair treads?

Polydeck advocated the use of its extra heavy-duty GRP diamond pattern treads, DFT compliant tactile’s and closed risers to ensure an all-round safe walking surface for passengers.

All these products are manufactured using glass reinforced polyester (GRP) meaning no rot, great durability, a life span of 30 years and are all custom- made dependent on customer requirements. Collectively these products propose fantastic benefits, individually they are also beneficial.

A breakdown of the advantages of the GRP Treads that Polydeck manufacture can be found below:

  • Built to be rot resistant
  • Anti– slip material
  • Can be custom made to suit your requirements
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Can be effectively used either internally or externally
  • Life expectancy of 30 years
  • Available in many different finishes

Polydeck’s treads are made using a diamond hard aggregate and can be used on a variety of surfaces. Tactiles are used to warn the visually impaired, are made to withstand a variety of liquids (such as oil, grease) and are easy to install.

Risers ensure safety by closing gaps on stairs, are aesthetically pleasing and are through colour, meaning wear and tear and scratches are not a problem as they’re not painted.

Nosing’s are DDA Compliant, colour contrasting and can be provided in a range of different surfaces. Braybrooks installed Polydeck’s black diamond pattern tread, a style of tread uniquely manufactured by Polydeck, along with corduroy tactiles and yellow and white nosing’s.