Polydeck recently refurbished a series of pedestrian footbridges leading to and from the multi-storey car parks at the Runcorn Shopping Centre.  The job was carried out on behalf of Halton Borough Council, who had originally considered a resin coated steel deck, but were looking to trial a range of different options.

The bridges were over 30 years old and were originally constructed from steel and reinforced concrete slabs. Halton Borough Council were looking to utilise a system which would provide both a guaranteed non-rotting slip resistant surface and one which was significantly lighter to reduce the dead weight of the bridge.

Polydeck’s flooring solution

The experienced team at Polydeck recommended the 12mm thick load-bearing panels to be fixed onto lateral steel bearers. These panels come with a design life of 30 years and are significantly lighter than concrete or steel plate alternatives. Each panel is created from a non-rotting GRP and have an integral anti slip finish to provide a safe non-slip walking surface.

They were specially made to accommodate the entire 2825mm width of the bridge in one and with the steels set at 400mm span centres, they were comfortably able to meet the council’s loading requirement of 5kN per square metre with a less than 1/200 deflection.

The panels for both bridges were pre-drilled in the factory to facilitate a quick and easy installation and special fixings were used to drill into and fix to the steel bearers. This reduced any disruption to shoppers and the general public, ensuring the job was carried out quickly and efficiently.

Runcorn Shopping Centre Bridge Halton Borough Council bridge