• Derbyshire County Council


  • Pedestrian Footbridge

Customer Problem

    • The Torrs Millennium Walkway is a spectacular bridge which nestles in a dramatic gorge above the River Goyt in the High Peak area of Derbyshire
    • Designed and built at a cost of approximately £500,000 by Derbyshire County Council’s Highway Structures engineers, it spans an otherwise inaccessible cliff face and retaining wall overlooking Torr Vale Mill, a Grade II listed building built in the 1780’s.
    • The bridge rises from the riverbed on circular steel columns and part is cantilevered off the railway retaining wall. It provides the final link in the 225-mile (362 km) Midshires Way and was opened in 2000.
  • Originally built from steel with timber panels providing the walking surface, regular inspections by council engineers identified that the timber panels were deteriorating significantly.  After a number of individual panel replacements, it was decided that the best long-term solution was to completely replace the rotting timber decking with Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) panels.

Polydeck Solution

  • Polydeck Limited proposed the use its 30mm thick foam core structural GRP panels to be mechanically fixed to the steel substructure.  The panels are designed to take a loading of 5kN per square metre uniform distributed load with a less than 1/200 deflection.
  • Following removal of the original decking and remedial work to the steel structure, the Polydeck anti slip panels were fitted.  Following installation, the bridge was given a thorough cleaning.
  • The panels had to be supplied in a specific grey colour to comply with the original planning conditions imposed when the walkway was built.