Anti-slip strips are manufactured from glass reinforced polyester (GRP) which, containing near diamond-hard aggregate, provide an unbeatable anti-slip surface that is guaranteed for thirty years. With superb durability, anti-slip strips are a perfect investment for those on a budget, being the cheapest option when it comes to ensuring your floor remains anti slip.

Anti-Slip Strips are Great for a Budget

anti slip stripsManufactured to meet your exact requirements, anti-slip strips are simply bonded down or mechanically fixed to your floor. Suitable for use on almost any structurally sound surface – including concrete, steel and timber – anti slip strips can be supplied in a range of thicknesses, colours and sizes to meet your exact requirements.

Anti slip strips are a perfect way of making a large area of flooring safe to walk on at minimal cost. Anti-slip strips provide all the friction that is required to provide a non-slip floor both indoors and outdoors. Durable enough to withstand even the most adverse conditions, anti-slip strips are perfect for use in any industry where there is a risk that the floor may become slippery.

Versatile and Durable for Any Industry

Garages and factories are liable to spillages of oil and grease, which of course are incredibly slippery and could cause someone to seriously hurt themselves if they stepped on it. Similarly, environments such as food production can be at an increased risk of slippery floors, so anti-slip strips are a useful tool in helping to make floors safer.

Anti-slip strips really are the most versatile non slip flooring solution that we offer. With years’ of experience of fitting non-slip floor solutions, we have gained an enviable reputation in the industry and have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Coca-Cola, Heinz and Cadbury to name but a few.

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