We’ve all had experience of walking tentatively along a slippery pathway to make sure we don’t fall over, and some of us, have even had the misfortune of landing on our back after a slip. Although a slip accident can be painful at the time, fortunately, most of us are able to pick ourselves up again and carry on. But sometimes a slip accident is more severe leading to a broken bone or fracture, and for older people or those with mobility issues, slippery floors can be downright dangerous.

Reduce the Risk of Falling with Anti Slip Strips

Web Organic Research 005While some buildings and premises have smooth, shiny floors for aesthetic or clean-ability reasons, these floors can become extremely slippery if the floor gets wet. This risk is hugely increased in wet and icy conditions when water gets trailed in on peoples’ feet and spreads all over the floor making it slippery. A slip accident is almost inevitable, especially in areas where people might be rushing around. This is something you definitely want to avoid if you’re a company, because slip accidents can sometimes lead to costly compensation claims.

Recent figures from the National Accident Helpline show that the number of people filing for compensation payments as a result of a slip or fall is surprisingly high and depending on the severity of the injury, settlement payments can be costly: For example:

• Serious foot injuries can receive anything from £14,500 – £22,650
• A hip or pelvis injury from £2,175 – £76,350
• Severe knee injuries from £15,500 – £56,000
• Wrist injuries with on-going problems from £7,375 to £14,250

Claims from Falling can be Hefty!

As you can see, it doesn’t make sense to put someone at risk of slipping on a slippery floor.

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