People who have manual outdoor jobs like scaffolders, window cleaners and construction workers have a tough time in the winter. Not only do they have to bear the brunt of the British weather every day; they also have to climb up slippery ladders in the freezing wind and rain.

This is not only unpleasant but dangerous too. It’s not just the weather that can affect the slipperiness of ladder rungs too; if any liquid is spilt on them or your footwear doesn’t have adequate grip you could be setting yourself up for a fall…literally.

Anti Slip Ladder Rungs Prevent Nasty Falls

anti slip ladder rungsLuckily there’s a simple solution. Anti slip ladder rungs from GRIPFAST have an integral GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) substrate which is coated with a near diamond hard aggregate, guaranteeing a lifespan of thirty years. We guarantee you’ll find no better anti slip ladder rungs on the market, so why not go straight for the best and invest in GRIPFAST?

The aggregate of their anti slip products is resistant to liquids – even viscous and highly slippery products like oil and grease. This property makes them perfect for industrial environments like factories and garages where liquids may be spilled.

Non Slip Deck Treads are Ideal for the Home

GRIPFAST don’t just cater for the industrial sector either; they offer a wide range of products which are ideal for use in businesses and even the home – non slip deck treads are a perfect example of this. They can fit over existing decking or be placed down on their own – either way, they provide a reliable non slip surface that will prevent slips and falls in the winter months.

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