DDA compliancy ultimately relates to the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995. DDA compliance means that your business is accessible for people with disabilities and meets the standards required according to the Disability Discrimination Act.

Make your business DDA Compliant with Polydeck anti-slip solutionsThe DDA requires businesses, properties and other public buildings to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to physical features of their buildings that can cause problems for disabled people. Although, such alterations must be compliant with Part M Building Regulations.

Of course, different premises will require different physical adaptations in order to be DDA compliant. But, as a general rule, installing anti-slip flooring can help make your business DDA compliant.

DDA Compliant Products from Polydeck

At Polydeck, we have a range of anti-slip flooring solutions that will make your business DDA compliant.

Our DDA compliant products include:

  • Corduroy tactile surfacing for the top and bottom of flights of stairs.
  • Off-street blister tactiles for railway platforms.
  • On-street blister tactiles for pavement crossings.
  • 55mm x 55mm colour constant nosings, used to highlight the edges of steps.
  • Heavy duty treads with a colour constant sightline for covering steps.
  • Anti-slip panels for constructing ramps and anti-slip walkways.
  • Architectural Treads for internal and decorative applications.
  • Ungritted risers / upstands.

Ultimately, all of the DDA compliant products listed above also adhere to Part M Building Regulations and can be used in order to make your business premise DDA compliant.

Industrial Non-Slip Flooring from Polydeck

In addition to local authorities, Polydeck’s non-slip flooring products have also been used by a range of large, blue chip companies for over 25 years.

Our industrial non-slip flooring products are often chosen for overhead gantries, walkways, steps and ladders. The products are extremely high-quality and offer great value.

Check out the complete range of non slip flooring solutions.

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