Polydeck anti slip ladder rung covers are designed to provide a flat anti slip surface for better foot holding on round or square ladder rungs, providing a safety solution for working with ladders. Slippery conditions such as rain or spilt liquid can make using and working on ladders incredibly hazardous. Our non slip ladder rung covers are made from Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) to provide a strong and durable surface for users and employees to stand and work on; however they are not load-bearing, or designed to replace existing ladder rungs.

Our ladder rung covers are coated with a ‘near diamond hard’ aggregate which gives them a life span of three decades, and makes them resistant to oil and grease – ideal for industrial environments.

Ladder Rung Covers are a small product that make a big difference to any environment in which ladders are used. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, anti slip ladder rung covers can be used in almost any environment to improve your employees safety while they work. Companies such as Cadbury’s choose GRIPFAST non slip ladder rung covers for their factories.

Fixed into place using Soudal 240FC Adhesive, and engineered with the same attention to detail as the rest of our range, it is our dedication to top quality products that has made GRIPFAST a standout manufacturer and the go-to company in the industry for anti slip solutions.

GRIPFAST anti slip ladder rung covers are available in a range of sizes and colours to fit a wide variety of ladders. Fixed into position using a special adhesive, they are guaranteed to give users a more secure footing to help employees maintain their own safety in all conditions.

Our anti slip ladder rung covers are available in a selection of different aggregates, from barefoot to industrial, to suit your specific environment and safety requirements. Non slip ladder rung covers are usually supplied in safety yellow but can be manufactured in any colour and size to meet your needs. Learn more about the main features and benefits of ladder rung covers.

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