Polydeck provide Ladder Rung Covers to help customers reduce the risk of injury in the workplace or in any other vocation, offering a flat anti slip surface for better foot holding on round or square ladder rungs. Read about some of the main features and advantages of our anti slip ladder rung covers below.

Main features and advantages of Anti Slip Ladder Rungs

  • Ladder Rung Covers are manufactured from glass reinforced polyester which doesn’t rot.
  • Ladder Rung Covers are hand-made, and coated with a double layer of near-diamond-hard aluminium oxide and silicon carbide aggregate, to provide extra heavy durability against wear.
  • Ladder Rung Covers can be produced in any colour to ensure that they match the exact requirements of our customers. Usually they are manufactured in safety yellow.
  • All ladder rung covers meet the UK Slip Resistance Group classification of “Low Slip Potential,” so the risk of slip accidents is greatly minimised.
  • Ladder Rung Covers are manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001:2008 standards and are supported with a design life guarantee of 30 years.
  • Ladder Rung Covers are made to order within the factory, to specific length and width requirements for optimal fit, which minimises cutting on site.
  • All Ladder Rung Covers achieve a standard fire rating classification of Class 2 to BS476
  • Chemically resistant polyester resin is used in the manufacture of all Ladder Rung Covers to ensure that they have excellent chemical resistance properties.

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