Northern Rail recently contacted Polydeck, the anti- slip flooring specialists for a long lasting, glass reinforced polyester (GRP) Solution, to help them refurbish some of their busy stations.

In our latest case study, we provide information on how we were able to support Northern Rail, and supply details on how we can support you with installing the perfect anti-slip solution too!

Polydeck provided the perfect upgrade

As part of an upgrade programme for several of its stations, Northern Rail decided that some of the station access ramps needed new anti- slip surfaces to ensure public safety.

In particular, Shipley and Sowerby stations, both built in the 1840’s with steep inclines to their platform access ramps, needed an urgent upgrade.

An excellent non-slip solution with an innovative design

Both stations needed new anti- slip flooring as a matter of urgency. Shipley Station still had the original tarmac base which became slippery when wet and Sowerby’s Station’s anti- slip flooring had failed. It had rippled and cracked, and water ingress had caused the surface to lift potentially causing a trip hazard.

Polydeck suggested the use of its heavy duty, diamond pattern panels, which unlike timber panels won’t rot, and are consequently guaranteed for 30 years. The panels are quick and easy to install and can be bonded and mechanically fixed to virtually any structurally sound and level substrate providing a guaranteed slip resistant surface. They are available in a range of thicknesses and aggregates and can be cut in Polydeck’s Bristol based factory to minimise on- site cutting.

Polydeck’s diamond pattern GRP panels are hard wearing and can withstand heavy footfall. Their durable surface is constructed from silicon carbide grit, a near diamond hard aggregate that will last in excess of any other anti– slip GRP currently available on the market. Take a closer look at our range of anti slip panels.

These works were based on the back of New Pudsey Station where Polydeck helped with a similar job. Again, Northern Rail were pleased with the results.