Anti slip strips are a simple to use, permanent anti slip product that you can use to quickly reduce the slipperiness, and therefore danger, of a slippery surface. From tile to wood to concrete, flooring can become slippery for a wide number of reasons. Wear and tear and the elements are the most common, while environments where liquids are regularly used can also become slippery from spills. In all of these environments anti slip strips are ideal if not essential for ensuring the safety of employees and visitors.

Super Strong Anti Slip Strips That Bond to Any Surface

anti slip stripsGRIPFAST non slip strips are super strong and are available in a number of aggregates to suit individual requirements. They can be bonded or mechanically fixed to almost any surface and are guaranteed to provide a reliable and safe non slip surface for 30 years – you won’t be able to find that anywhere else!

For areas with slippery stairs, non slip stair treads are the perfect solution. Again made from GRIPFAST, they feature a near diamond hard aggregate and are made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) for outstanding strength and durability for thirty years.

Anti Slip Treads Make Stairs Safer

Anti slip treads cover the whole stair while non slip stair nosings are also available. We also provide DDA compliant non slip stair treads so you can rest assured your premises comply with the Disability Discrimination Act.

Whatever kind anti slip product you need to make your premises safer, here at Polydeck we’ll have the solution for you. Please have a browse of our website to see the non slip flooring solutions we offer – and please feel free to contact us with any enquiries or for more information.