Slippery decking can be dangerous and definitely be a common cause of accidents in public and private spaces. Polydeck are experts when it comes to non-slip and anti-slip strips that are designed to last thirty years and reduce the risk of slipping on decking.

Why does decking get slippery?

Standard timber decking can become slippery all year round, and once this happens it can become a real hazard for anybody who walks on the surface. This situation is most likely to occur following a heavy downpour, as the moisture can create a slippery layer between shoes and the timbers smooth surface.

In addition to this, failing to regularly clean timber decking can also result in the surface becoming slippery. By not frequently sweeping decking, dirt, grime and algae can accumulate and further increase the chances of decking becoming slippery.

What is non-slip decking?

Available to be used on bridges, shared spaces, and communal gardens, non-slip decking can be laid over existing products or placed down on its own. Although Polydeck can make the panels look like standard decking, instead it features a near diamond-hard aggregate and is coated with Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) which provides extra friction underfoot, making it a much safer surface to walk on, even in the rain.

Cost-effective anti slip solutions for decking

Due to the high-quality materials used, the decking produced by Polydeck doesn’t rot and is designed to last for at least thirty years, making it a cost-effective solution. You can place it over the top of your current decking to provide more friction if you don’t want to replace the wood, meaning you don’t have to break the bank in providing a new bridge, deck or garden space.


Not only do Polydeck make sure our panels look like timber, but as the panels are made and designed by our team, you can order your decking in almost any colour or finish so that it looks perfect and matches your specifications. Why not have a look at the boardwalk decking available from Polydeck?

Polydeck also stock non slip decking strips.

Prevent Slippery Decking with Polydeck

Making a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists and other foot traffic is Polydeck’s speciality. Not only can we provide non-slip decking solutions, but we also have a great range of anti-slip solutions, which you can have installed in time for the rain and snow seasons this year.

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Lets stop your decking from being slippery.
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