Local authorities and councils are facing ever tightening budgets with which to repair and improve their local area. Non slip flooring might not be a typical example of a product to save money, but when you consider the following points you’ll wonder why more local authorities aren’t utilising it…

Improve Old Structures and Reduce Accidents

non slip flooringNon slip flooring is ideal for replacing old timber. Be it a covering for bridges or a communal decked area, non slip flooring is a safe and durable alternative to wood that won’t rot or be affected by fungus. Non slip, load bearing panels meet strict health and safety standards while reducing budget spend on future repairs. As GRIPFAST non slip floor products are guaranteed for 30 years, savings on future maintenance are substantial to say the least!

Reduce accident and injury claims. Our ‘compensation nation’ is always looking to make a quick bit of cash and injury claims are one of the easiest ways to take advantage of this. From shopping centre flooring to slippery outdoor steps, there are tons of ways people can slip and injure themselves if non slip flooring isn’t fitted. Our versatile, tailor made non slip flooring solutions can be made to suit all requirements to reduce the risk of accidents.

Non Slip Flooring Guaranteed for 30 Years!

Ensure new flooring lasts. Because our non slip flooring is so strong and durable, it is perfect for fitting to newly landscaped areas such as market squares and promenades. There’ll be no need to replace it for 30 years and our wide range if available colours and patterns means non slip floors can be made to suit any environment.

As a mould maker, there is no limit to the size, shape and style of the non slip flooring available from Polydeck. For more information please call 01934 863678 or fill in the form on our contact us page.

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