Polydeck are experts in supplying simple staircase solutions, which provide a safe walking surface to pedestrians without the need to be regularly maintained.

Jamieson Contracting recently assisted Transport for Greater Manchester, to help them install a new set of access stairs at Horwich Parkway Railway Station.

With the aim to create a crowd control access facility, Jamieson Contracting contacted Polydeck to support them in applying a staircase suitable for its footfall.

Crowd control on football match days

Horwich Parkway Railway Station had seen an increased footfall during football match days, therefore a new set of access stairs needed to be constructed to accommodate the increased passenger movements.

Strong and durable stairs were needed in order to endure heavy footfall, now and in the future.

So, Polydeck suggested the use of its Equality Act (2010) compliant heavy-duty diamond pattern stair treads, along with integral nosing and separate risers, to form a safe and durable external floor finish.

Custom made diamond pattern stair treads

There were three distinctive parts to the new staircase; heavy-duty diamond treads, integral nosing and separate risers, all made using glass reinforced polyester (GRP).

Completely weather resistant, this means the staircase will not rot and last at least 30 years.

The heavy-duty diamond treads are manufactured using a silicon-carbide grit, which is the second hardest element to diamonds. This ensures strength and longevity even with constant use; ideal for football match days.

As well as the surface, the Horwich Parkway Railway Station needed a staircase which retained its colour. The Polydeck’s Equality Act (2010) compliant treads come with a colour constant nosing and riser, which means that even with years of use, the colour remains the same.

Tailor-made to every client, Polydeck supplied black treads with white and yellow contrasting nosing, as requested. This ensures no maintenance, as the colour will always show for partially sighted users.

Dave Schofield, Site Manager for Jamieson Contracting, commented “The finished stairs look great and will definitely help with the overflow of football fans on match days. Polydeck’s products will help ensure no maintenance is needed over the coming years so using Polydeck’s products is a worthwhile investment for the Railway Station.”

If you would like more information regarding our anti-slip solutions, visit our product range or take a look at how Polydeck’s stair treads could help you.