Polydeck recently completed a project for the South Gloucestershire Council in which we repaired a pedestrian bridge, known as the Primrose Footbridge in Bristol.

The existing surface of the footbridge had been patch repaired many times in several places and was beginning to completely delaminate. It was in need of total and complete replacement in order to make it safe for all pedestrians.

GRIPFAST NT Slurry from Polydeck

Polydeck recommended the application of GRIPFAST NT Slurry, a three-part, anti-slip wearing course and waterproofing membrane, designed for use on steel, concrete and aluminium.

The area was prepared by mechanically removing the existing surface and then applying a primer. The GRIPFAST Slurry was then applied to the area and then dressed with a 1-3mm aggregate. After the application of the aggregate was complete, the bridge was swept thoroughly to remove any excess aggregate.

GRIPFAST NT Slurry is generally specified in applications when weight is a consideration as it proves a durable yet lightweight anti-slip solution for either pedestrian or heavy vehicular traffic. Used in combination with dynagrip aggregate, GRIPFAST NT Slurry is a proven product having been applied to bridges, cycleways and ramps for the last 40 years. GRIPFAST NT Slurry has a typical design life of 20 years.

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