An anti-slip floor is used to make slippery surfaces safer to walk on. Surfaces outside – especially metal or wood such as decking – pose a particular risk of slipping, so it is therefore essential that flooring is covered in either anti-slip strips or cleats to provide friction to reduce the risk of slipping.

Particularly in the winter time, where dead leaves, water and ice can all add to the slipperiness of a surface, flooring can become quite treacherous. There are a number of ways to make slippery flooring safer, and many are a common sight in public places.

Reduce the risk of slipping with an anti slip flooring

Anti slip flooring covers a broad range of products. Anti-slip flooring itself can also be known as anti slip panels, which are placed side by side to cover the whole area in a safe surface. This option is ideal for whole rooms or areas that are subject to adverse condition such as water, ice, grease or oil.

Anti-slip strips and cleats are similar though more cost-effective, as only strips are placed on the area. Remarkably effective and allowing the design of the floor to remain visible, anti-slip strips and cleats are immensely popular and are a more reasonable option for larger areas. Find more details on the Anti Slip Strips.

Our services don’t end with an anti-slip floor though! We provide nosings and anti-slip treads for staircases; ideal for factories and areas that use a lot of liquids, for example the food industry.

We have worked with a range of different industries

In addition, we provide DDA compliant anti slip treads and nosings for public areas, which comply with all relevant legislation and regulations. DDA compliant stair nosings and trreads remove liability from the company or council that own the land. It also ensures that anyone with sight difficulties can see the edge of the step easily.

We have worked with a huge number of well-known companies in the food industry –in addition to a number of other industries – including Heinz, Cadbury’s and Coca-Cola, to provide a safer, anti-slip floor and a more risk-free work environment.

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