Outdoor decking has become incredibly popular over these past few years, particularly in gardens where it creates a versatile, attractive feature. With winter pretty much behind us, it seems the thought of slippery decking can be pushed aside for a few months – but that’s not necessarily true.

Slippery Decking Causes Accidents and Injuries

Although water does make decking incredibly slippery, its actually the fungus that forms on the surface of the decking after it has been wet that makes it especially slippery. The fungus is completely harmless and pretty much invisible when the decking is dry, though when wet it can appear as very dark or almost black in colour. A layer of this fungus over the surface of the wood makes the surface very slick when wet, so all it takes is for someone to step onto the wood for them to lose their footing.

anti slip deckingWhile summer is on the way, that’s no guarantee that the weather will be any less wet so it’s important to exercise caution when walking on decking. That said, summer is the season of garden parties and it just takes one drink to be spilt for someone to fall head over heels and potentially seriously injure themselves. Falling on slippery surfaces often causes the victim to fall heavily which can cause injury – this is particularly risky if children are around as their reactions tend be slower when it comes to stopping themselves falling.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution to the slippery decking problem: anti slip decking. Anti slip decking looks just like normal decking so that aesthetic value need not be compromised, but it’s manufactured from glass fibre and contains a near diamond-hard aggregate to offer excellent slip resistance and durability for up to 30 years.

Strong and Durable Anti Slip Decking Solutions

Installed in various environments across the country – including outside the famous Comedy Store in Manchester – Polydeck anti slip decking provides the ultimate anti slip solution as it can be placed over existing decking or used instead of timber – the same results still stand.

So don’t run the risk of people injuring themselves in your garden or on your premises; choose anti slip decking from Polydeck and rest assured that your non slip floor will provide a safe platform for years to come.

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